1) Q: Are Irrigation systems a big job to have installed
A: No, Irrigation systems are installed as per your requirements and can be done with very little disruption to your stipulated garden area.

2) Q: Do Boreholes leak
A: in a manner yes they can but when this happens it is normally due to lack of repairs when needed and mud, rust or sediment can enter the system that will cause it to “leak”

3) Q: Should Irrigation systems be installed by professionals?
A: The quick answer is yes as they will supply you with a warranty on the work carried out and should anything fail the repairs costs will not be for your account.

4) Q: Can boreholes work with different types of pumps.
A: this will depend on the system you have had installed but in some instances yes some boreholes can work with different pumps that will not affect the pressure of the water or compromise the systems working ability.

5) Q: Are you able to damage a irrigation sprinkler head at all?
A: Yes you are able to damage them some of the most common damages are caused by lawn mowers and people standing or jumping on them cause them to crack and not rise when watering is taking place.

6) Q: Is there a minimal size requirement when wanting to install an irrigation system?
A: No the irrigation system that will be installed is specially made up to suit your type of garden, small holding or farm area giving you the freedom to have one installed just about anywhere in the garden.